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New Leadership Protecting The Idaho We Love

I’m a country girl who has trained and illustrated horses professionally my entire adult life, while cultivating a deep understanding of what it takes to run a business and make a living off the land through self reliance, independence, and rugged determination.


I grew up the daughter of an Air Force pilot, moving frequently across the U.S. and Europe before landing in the small farm community of Eagle nearly five decades ago. Over the past few years I have watched explosive growth envelope our district, and valley, placing tremendous strain on our schools and critical infrastructure, and profoundly transforming our quality of life.


My career as a Surgical Technologist in the operating room of a regional trauma center has given me a deep appreciation of what it means to sacrifice for the greater good of humanity, how crucial teamwork is, and how to keep a cool head under immense pressure. It has also given me valuable insight into the critical need for greater investment in our educational system, as well as access to quality health care for all citizens.  


Perhaps my greatest passion has been my advocacy work on behalf of Idaho citizens to protect private property rights, public lands, and our irreplaceable water resources from the negative impacts of polluting industries. These include municipal wastewater discharges, as well as oil and gas drilling operations and other forms of mining which are operating far too close to our homes, schools, rivers and parks here in the Treasure Valley and beyond. As a mother and grandmother I will work to ensure residential areas are off limits to these activities, that our families and our property stay safe, and that our public lands and water are preserved for those of us living here now and for future generations.

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