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“Shelley Brock is one of the most amazing women of faith I know.  She cares deeply about the quality of human life and has successfully championed the preservation of Idaho’s clean water and natural resources for years. Idaho needs more leaders like her”.

- Tri Robinson, founding pastor - Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Boise 

"Shelley Brock is a pragmatic voice for common sense government.  She supports small businesses, private property rights, and access to our public lands while demanding that those who extract our natural resources do so in a manner that protects our neighborhoods and our drinking water.  She’s a mother and grandmother who supports properly funding our children’s education and making community colleges and trade schools more affordable.  District 14 needs a voice like Shelly’s in the state legislature".


 - Tracy Andrus

It is my pleasure to endorse the Democratic candidate for District 14 Idaho State Representative, Ms. Shelley Brock. Ms. Brock is a proud Idahoan who understands the needs of her rural community. Through her service as President of the Citizens Allied for Integrity and Accountability organization, she successfully challenged state regulators in federal court for violating the civil and property rights of Idaho citizens, protecting residents’ homes and our environment. 

As a healthcare professional, Shelley will work tirelessly to ensure that Idahoans are not forced into medical bankruptcy and can instead use their hard-earned dollars to improve their loved ones’ quality of life. Ms. Brock is committed to fighting to protect our land and water, provide quality education to our children, and increase access to affordable healthcare. 

Given her values, determination, and concern for issues impacting Idahoans and the five tribes who call these lands home, I believe that Shelley Brock will be a voice in support of Indigenous interests in the state legislature. For this reason, I confidently endorse Ms. Shelley Brock in her campaign for Idaho State Representative for District 14 and ask you to put your support behind her.

- Paulette Jordan, Democratic candidate for US Senate 

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