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Stewarding Idaho for Future Generations
As a 48 year resident of Idaho, grandmother, healthcare professional, community justice advocate, horsewoman and rural landowner, I will work hard to protect Idahoans’ fierce independence and staunch defense of their Constitutional freedoms, property rights, the health and safety of their families and their most precious natural resources – their water and public lands - now and for future generations. 
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May 11, 2022 City of Boise cancels water recycling contract with Farmer’s Union Ditch Company

                                                            (Eagle, ID) - Democratic candidate for the Idaho Legislature Shelley Brock and Northwest Neighborhood Association President Richard Llewellyn have been highly active in organizing residents along the canal against the project since it went public in 2019. Brock cheered the city’s decision in a press release last month. 

“This is a massive win not only for canal users, but for thousands of families living down gradient of that canal whose health and property values would have been threatened by effluent contaminated water recharging the aquifer,” she wrote. “This is a great example of what citizens can accomplish when they come together to protect their community. I am thrilled that common sense and science prevailed, and I commend the city for doing the right thing.” 

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May 10, 2022 - Shelley Brock Announces Campaign for State Representative

                                                            (Eagle, ID) - Long-time Eagle resident Shelley Brock announced today that she is running to represent District 14B in the Idaho House of Representatives. Following redistricting, Idaho State House District 14 comprises all of Gem County and portions of Ada County, including most of Eagle and parts of Star and Meridian. 


Brock says she made the decision to run as a common sense, centrist Democrat to help restore balance in the Idaho legislature. She asserts, “As I talk to voters it becomes increasingly clear that regardless of party affiliation we are all searching for hope and progress in this chaotic, hyper-partisan atmosphere. That quest won’t end until people stop sabotaging their own best interests and start voting for the candidate and their policies instead of the letter next to their name.” Brock adds “If the Democrats had been in control of our state for the past 30 years and were failing on so many levels I’d be running as a Republican.” 

Brock believes that too many Idaho lawmakers continue to promote baseless, at times unconstitutional bills to score political points for re-election, while actively ignoring and perpetuating serious problems that actually impact most Idahoan’s lives. She vows to address the real issues that affect Idahoans every single day: skyrocketing property taxes, poorly managed growth, crumbling infrastructure, last-in-the-nation support for education, access to healthcare and patient autonomy, and preservation of our increasingly threatened water resources, clean air and public lands. 

Brock has a long track record as a community justice champion for Idaho families. She has spent years protecting Idahoans’ constitutional freedoms, property rights, health and safety, and surface and groundwater from corporate polluters and government overreach. She’ll put the honest, hard working people of Idaho first and fight to preserve that which makes Idaho the best place to start a business, raise a family, and retire peacefully.


A woman of deep faith, Brock’s commitment to stewarding Idaho’s heritage for future generations is what inspired her to run for office.  She believes that as the state grows in population it is more critical than ever that leaders from both parties come together to protect the exceptional quality of life that brought us to the Gem State in the first place.


Shelley Brock is a mother and grandmother, rural landowner and horsewoman; artist and community justice advocate who also works full time as a surgical technologist at a regional trauma center. She looks forward to representing the Great State of Idaho and the constituents of District 14 in the State House.  


April 11, 2018 - Boise Weekly

Frack With Eagle at Your Own Expense

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"My first thought when I found out about the oil and gas exploration was, 'This is the richest, most powerful industry in the world and there's no stopping them. We'll have to sell our place and move'. But then it struck me that this is happening all over the country and across the planet," said Brock. "I saw my precious grandsons' faces and knew that I had to take a stand for them, so they wouldn't have to fight this same battle in the very near future."

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